More About Me

Real estate is about trust. About having it all handled. I get great satisfaction from that moment when a client relaxes, leaves it all to me. It's a moment I work hard for.

I'm here to discover what makes people happy, beyond home... How do they want to live life? There are thousands of details beyond 4 bedrooms/.25 acres. I listen with zeal & ask a lot of questions... This is my map, my guide to what people really want. What excites me these days are the personal relationships that form in the midst of doing business. Clients trust me. They rely on my intuition.

Real estate here is as competitive and challenging as it gets. Great properties come and go quickly. When you work with me, you won't have to daydream about the one that got away. You'll already have it.

I value every minute of every day, take nothing for granted, and treasure life's adventures. Real estate doesn't feel like work to's simply challenges waiting for solutions.

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